SatelliteInternet Questionnaire

Thank you for considering SatelliteInternet. Please fill out the questions below to contact us by equipping us online. Our friendly representative will review your inquiry and contact you back at the earliest as possible. We appreciate your business and we consider your privacy and respect our top priority! Thank you for visiting!

1) What is the main application for this link?

a) Common Internet access like browsing and e-mails or something more complex, i.e. intensive data transfers, SCADA, database syncs, multimedia streaming?

b) Is this a cyber cafe?

c) Office?

d) Something else?

e) Is this one network or two? 

f) Are there to be separate systems for Office and Housing, or will one service support both?  

g) Is it two locations, and if so, how far apart are they, and is there a clear line of sight between them? 

* It may cost less for us to put up a point-to-point link between the two locations and have one VSAT system instead of two.   We’ll need some GPS coordinates for both sites if this is a viable option so we can see what else is around and how much interference is likely.  If there are masts or towers at the locations, please let me know that as well (even the heights if you know them). 

h) Are there two groups of users, Office and Housing, who are essentially the same people moving from work to home, or are there two distinct groups of users? 

* Streaming TV over the internet eats up a lot of bandwidth – you might want to look at a separate solution for satellite TV.  Also playing interactive games over satellite links doesn’t work that well.  Because of the long latency (just over ½ second round trip or ‘ping’ time), players on a satellite link have a significant disadvantage in the shoot-em-up type of interactive games.  Non-interactive games are fine.

2) How many PCs will be online at the same time? 

a) Is there a group of 10 – 20, the same people surfing daily, just after hours, or both 24/7? 

3) Do you need to support VoIP?

a) If yes, how many concurrently active channels?  

b) What codec will be used - G.723.1, G.729, something else?

* If you are not sure, we can assist selecting the right VoIP service and codec.

c) Are you making phone calls through Cisco’s unified messaging? 

* If there’s voice traffic, we need to be aware of it, because voice has different requirements than data. We’ll need to know about the platform and number of calls to calculate the CIR (committed information rate) needed for those calls.  

4) Do you have any special requirements?

a) VPN, Citrix, videoconferencing, multi-site WAN, etc?

5)  What is your timeframe? 

a) How long do you expect to need it? 

* Our standard service agreement is month-to-month, but if you sign up for a year, we subsidize the hardware depending on the rate selected. The services range from all unlimited with no monthly caps or data quotas to limits depending on needs.  The services come with a 99.5% uptime SLA.  We'll tell you more about the service features once we are sure we know what you need.

6)  What is your budget/price range? i.e. Hardware and Connectivity.

* Contact us below or at with the questions answered above to the best of your knowledge or ability. We can take I.T. from there.